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Import of goods into the uk

Import clearance is a mandatory customs procedure when transporting goods to the UK. In order to avoid problems at the border, it is advisable to use the help of a professional customs agency in case of failure to complete customs formalities. You will streamline the entire process of transporting goods, you will be sure that you have the necessary documents, and that you have paid the required customs and tax fees.

Import towarów do Wielkiej Brytanii


Exports of goods from the uk

Did you know that in order to legally export goods from the United Kingdom, you need a number of properly completed shipping documents? Our specialists will help you to obtain the necessary documentation, it is definitely a key issue to ensure smooth and uncomplicated goods movement to the destination country. We have a lot of experience, and with help of our agency you can be sure to avoid delays and consequent losses.

Eksport towarów do Unii Europejskiej


Transport transits

Every export from the UK involves the opening of a transit procedure, apart from the export to France. We, as a professional customs agency, use a platform that allows you to open a transit procedure, not only in the UK, but also in Poland and several EU countries. We have a very high security of customs debt, so we have no restrictions on quantity and value.

Tranzyt Wielka Brytania UK


EORI numbers, GMR, GVMS System

If you export goods to or from the UK to EU countries, you need an EORI number. It is also the responsibility of the carrier or transport company to generate a reference number for the goods being transported, known as a GMR, to obtain this you need access to the GVMS system. If all this sounds complicated, don’t wait and have us expertly help you!
Dokumenty celne UK EORI, GMR, GVMS


Customs consultancy

We work with various companies and have carried out many customs clearances without any problems. We have the experience and necessary authorisation to operate as a customs agency. We take full responsibility for our actions, we update our knowledge, and we know what to expect when dealing with customs formalities, that is why we work fast, saving your time.

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Documents required

Important customs documents - Authorisations

The basic issue during customs clearance, in order for it to proceed without unnecessary disturbances, is correct filling of proper declarations and providing the customs agency with all necessary, correctly prepared documents, among others: commercial invoice, specification and CMR. Unfortunately we often encounter situations, when we receive incomplete documents, that is why we encourage our customers to pay attention to send us a full set of documents, containing key information, so that we can efficiently help and carry out customs clearance. We will, of course, clearly indicate which documents we need and advise on what should be included.


We are a reliable company, therefore in addition to the necessary qualifications, we have practical knowledge, and constantly update on it due to the fact that the law often changes. We take responsibility for the correct completion of documents, based on the information provided to us.

To start the cooperation, you will need authorisations, which you can download below.

You can send us the completed documents as a scan, via email, no translated copies are necessary.